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Nev LF Coaching
Neville Lloyd Facey
Sports performance coach 

Taking my son to athletics for many years I quickly realised  how important it was to have a professional and inspiring coach for his development and success in the sport.

Over the years I attended many track and field events as a parent supporting my son as well as a keen spectator in athletics  I soon then became interested as how I could  become that same inspiring coach.

I gained several coaching qualifications from UKA governing bodies and completed courses in strength & conditioning. I now actively coach at a West Midlands club, coaching all age groups and genders in sprinting techniques, health & well-being  along with strength & conditioning.  Some of these athletes that I had coached  went on to compete at national levels.

As a coach I am responsible for planning and implementing activities and ensuring the health and safety of all participants, with the aim of guiding and helping them to reach their full potential. My coaching style has been proven to generate some potential  UK’s future stars in athletics.


Strength and conditioning is used to improve the performance of recreational or competitive sport participants. It is achieved through a combination of strength training and aerobic conditioning. The emphasis is on building strength, endurance of muscles which helps to improve the competitive performance as well as health & well-being of individuals.


Whichever sport you take part in my programs can be tailored to your individual needs to improve your performance in your sport, from athletics to tennis, rugby,football, MMA, cricket, hockey, etc.

Contact us today to discuss how a Nev LF Coaching plan can improve your sporting success.



Sprint in athletics terms is when an athlete tries to reach  maximum speed in a very short time and maintaining it throughout a set distance.  In most sports the mechanic of sprint will be employed.

Contact us today to discuss how Nev LF Coaching plan can improve your sporting success.


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